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"Do you believe that women have souls?"


Studio Ghibli Trivia 7

Balse (Japanese: バルス, Barusu), also spelled “Balus”.

The Spell of Destruction that brings much of the Laputa tumbling into the ocean at the climax of Castle in the Sky, and simultaneously broke a Twitter record… twice.

During the 13th Japanese television broadcast of Castle in the Sky on the 9th December 2011, coinciding with the pivotal moment in the movie, “balse” was tweeted 25,088 times-per-second by Japanese fans, setting a new Twitter record. And then during the 14th airing of the film on the 2nd August 2013, the record was beaten again, with a global peak of 143,199 tweets-per-second, four times that of the then existing record of 33,388.

Never doubt the power of Miyazaki fans…

" Sophie , you’re beautiful! “

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*sobs* Why am I not rich? *sobs more*

I don’t care if I’m an adult male and would probably never get another girlfriend, I need this! So much! I wonder how much my kidneys are worth?


My new response to anything said to me that I disagree with:
“MY BODY MY CHOICE. Check your privilege.”

I worked in every situation…

Back when my ‘stache fu was strong…

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